About  John


Hi. I’m John DeRosalia LCSW, C.H., often referred to as “Dr.John.”          I am a peak-performance mental training specialist, coach and consultant. Here’s how I got there.

In 1997, I went through a very painful emotional experience that led to months of severe depression and anxiety.  While I was not suicidal, there were certainly times when I just didn’t care if I lived or died.  I had been a mental health professional for over 20 years at the time but there was nothing in my therapeutic bag of tricks that gave me any relief.  One day I found myself wondering if there was something 'out of the box’ I could do that would make me forget my pain—at least temporarily.  Being afraid of heights, I decided to                      jump out of an airplane.  


It was an experience beyond my imagination.  I was simultaneously thrilled and terrified.  The thrilling part took over and I began skydiving on a daily basis.  Within two weeks, I had my skydiving Certification.  My passion for the sport combined with my background in psychology led me to create mental training techniques and strategies for recreational as well as professional skydivers.  Within a year, I was traveling the world coaching world class and professional teams and individuals. It wasn’t long before I began applying these techniques to other sports and eventually to anyone interested in performing at a higher/more productive level   in any area of their lives.   


Over the past few decades I’ve worked extensively with people from all walks of life: athletes, writers, musicians, actors, business professionals, golf pros, rock climbers, skydivers, archers, gymnasts, etc. Some were beginners and some were at the very top of their profession or sport. Some were highly motivated and focused while others were floundering aimlessly. But regardless of one's current level of achievement, there is always room for improvement, both internally and externally.

We’ll start from where you are and, together, uncover your strengths and weaknesses, mental/emotional blocks and untapped potential.                    

If you are ready and willing to do the work,

I look forward to being your guide.