Skymind Program

Achieving peak performance or even coming close is no easy task.  And maintaining peak performance requires a depth of commitment that many are not willing to maintain over time.  There are no magical programs or exercises that will get you there quickly.  But if one is passionate and committed to a meaningful goal and willing to put in the time and effort to achieve it, then—and only then—does     peak performance become possible.



Prior to our first session you will complete a questionnaire and send it to me. After reviewing, we’ll set up our first session.  





In this six week individualized program, we will:


  • Define your desired outcome.


  • Assess your skills and abilities.               


  • Evaluate your level of motivation and commitment.


  • Explore past efforts to achievement. 


  • Strengthen self-discipline and mental toughness. 


  • Evaluate your time management skills.


  • Eliminate negative beliefs and create empowered ones. 


  • Learn to internalize positive constructive thought.