Dr. John’s words act like a torch shining light unto parts of my brain that then allows me to see things that were always there but never used effectively. I have used his advice to help me through self-doubt, tough competitive moments, and long training days. 

Peter Allum  

                  Twenty-Time Skydiving                      British National Champion 


 "Thank you" - the two greatest things a coach can hear!  Your training, Dr. John, was essential to reaching my potential as an elite level archer.  Your teachings in mindfulness, I use to this day.   As an advanced level coach, I continue to pass along your teachings to my students.  When I need help,  I always refer to you!

 Mark Myers   

Level III NTS Archery Coach

Dr. John is one amazing teacher and coach.  Not only did he make a huge difference in my relationship to my music, but he’s had a profound impact in so many other areas of my life.  I’m truly        grateful to have worked with him.                   Billy D.  

Musician, Chicago, Illinois

John is a fountain of constructive ideas, stories and feedback that helps me make improvements in all aspects of my life.  I always feel refreshed with optimism that I can perform better in every day challenges.      


Artist, Woodstock, New York