"Mental Training for Skydiving and Life"

This book is about life-about individual achievement and teamwork-for skydivers and non-skydivers alike.  It's about finding the courage to dream realistic dreams and carefully designing plans to make those dreams come true.  It's also about developing the muscle of discipline- that powerful and often misunderstood mental quality that makes wonderful things happen.

This book gripped me.  I found myself grunting approval at every turn of the page.  Dr. John does a wonderful job of describing the psychological

             aspects of learning to skydive well.  If you're serious about skydiving or any sport,      

           live this book.                    

 --Jack Jefferies, Arizona Airspeed, Three Time World Champion

Dr. John is the leading authority on skydiving and   peak performance.  This stuff really works and    

                produces amazing results!                    

      --Joe Trinko, former Golden Knight, Two Time World Champion

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 Mental Training for Skydiving and Life

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